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Whether this is your first visit to my site, or you’re a returning visitor, I’d like to thank you for stopping in. There have been some new readings added to our shop as well as online courses. Poke around and have a look. See what strikes you. If you have any questions, that little chat box in the corner of your screen is a great way to get information.  Shop from the readings and courses offered and start your path to clarity now.

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My Background

My name is Marcia and  I am a natural intuitive,  professional Psychic, Tarot Reader, and Instructor.

 I've always had psychic abilities, but I've only embraced them as an adult.  I began reading Tarot at the age of  16.  Today, I would like to read for you.

Come see how energy guides you, and it's advice for your life.

Check out my online Readings and Courses.

You can also find me offering readings and classes at A Touch Of Magick, 195 S Main St, Uxbridge, MA.

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Tarot Readings, Online Courses, Tarot Parties & Merchandise

***Due to the current situation, all readings are specified either by phone, video chat or email. Please be sure to specify your preference where a choice is needed. All Tarot Parties are temporarily unavailable.***

Tarot Readings offered vary from just skimming the surface, to very deep. Not sure on what you're looking for? Just ask!  

Online Courses are via Zoom video meetings.

Tarot Parties are offered for those looking to gather up some friends and learn what the cards have to say. For Pricing and Booking, please email

**Merchandise is now available, although it is not directly through us at The Crescent Moon Tarot. Here is the link directly to our Teespring Store where we created Hoodies, T-shirts, Mugs & More. Please see our  Terms & Conditions regarding liabilities.


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